The Power of Paid Marketing Strategies

Paid Marketing is not about engagement

It’s about money, honey. It’s about that bloody ROI.

Paid marketing is an integral part of many businesses' overall marketing strategies, complementing organic efforts to drive traffic, leads, and sales.

ROI, Click Through Rate (CTR) & Nothing Else

We are a top performance marketing agency in India. The defining quality of Buffalo Soldiers is that we put forth a data-driven thought process to achieve maximum reach and visibility online. Our team of paid media experts provides PPC advertising services, and we are meticulous at data analysis, conducting performance marketing campaigns that drive business growth and high-quality leads.

Top Performance Marketing Agency in India

Do you want to increase website traffic? We are adept at fostering long-term growth.

Our search engine optimization service gives your business the opportunity to acquire the first position every time someone searches for your product or service, thus increasing your sales permanently. In addition, our dedicated content team makes every effort to ensure your content is delivered in such a way that makes it easy for visitors to find the information they seek, resulting in a pleasant and productive user experience.

Full-service, performance-based agency

Uniquely tailored to fit your needs and your business, Our paid media experts help you achieve maximum reach and visibility online, driving traffic through targeted, strategically placed digital ads. 

Push Marketing

Paid social is push marketing, targeting specific audiences with ads on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, and other social media platforms. This interruption-based marketing minimizes the amount of time between a customer discovering a product and buying your product.

Pull Marketing

This intent-based marketing is what paid search is all about; it gets you to the top of people’s search engine inquiries. Because it captures interest/s that already exist.

On average, 68% of ad spend is wasted

We fix them with critical thinking and experience, after taking a deep dive into the data. Good data is absolutely necessary to making the most real-time optimizations that affect & impact your bottom line. So our 2 mantras of Data audit → measurement & → immediate optimisation help us identify these gaps so we can quickly jump in and fix them.

Our Approach

We Optimize from Click-to-Close.
We don’t believe in failed experiments.

Because if we are not experimenting, someone else is. That is a fear and we learn everyday from that fear. From bid strategies to new betas, from ads to design and landing pages, we test, test and do more tests to make the most impact.

So why are you here? There must be a reason.

The virtual goldmine of social media has dried up? Display ads are dead? People have gone banner-blind? 

How we work?

We’re passionate about building lifelong relationships on a foundation that starts with your business and marketing results.

How it works for you?

ROAS & LTV. Cuteness overload. But we don’t care for it. If it’s not driving Revenue and Profitability for you, letting you focus on your core business objectives, we are not your true partners. We don’t rest till we see our partners grow. There’s nothing more satisfying in this game of Paid Marketing.

Any Question

Frequently Asked Questions

How can performance marketing help grow my business?

You can create better brand awareness, have a broader reach, and your brand’s positioning becomes more formidable in the space you’re competing with the help of a performance marketing agency. It helps you generate high-quality leads and also drives website traffic.

How long does it take paid ads to deliver results?

Anywhere between 30 to 60 days. It depends on your competition, the market, and how quickly the campaigns come out of the learning phase. PPC management services take around two weeks to come out of the learning phase and another two weeks for the first wave of optimization of the campaign. After a month, we assess where we stand and take further decisions accordingly.

Where will my paid ads appear?

Paid search advertising primarily appears on three domains. Social Media, Google search results, and Google display network. These three encompass more than 90% of the paid ads. The rest of the ads can be seen ANYWHERE on the internet.

Why should I choose Buffalo Soldiers for paid marketing services?

Buffalo Soldiers have a proven track record of conducting successful PPC campaigns across various timelines. Our clients are a mix of big players in B2B and B2C industries to Unicorns and start-ups. Google ads agency is a good friend of ours (at least we think so).

What kind of performance marketing services do you offer?

We leave no stone unturned. From Facebook paid ads, to LinkedIn advertisements to quora advertising to affiliate marketing. And, of course, we go through the traditional channels of PPC advertising services as well.

What makes you different from other paid marketing agencies?

The data-driven thought process is what separates us from the rest. We are meticulous in data analysis, identifying patterns, and following trends. Whatever we do in this space is based only on metrics and data – that’s it.

What other services do you offer?
We are a complete creative agency and provide comprehensive services in the field of:
  • SEO Services
  • Digital Marketing
  • Videos & Films
  • Website Development Services
  • Digital Communication

We provide a free consultation call

 Our goal is to make your company the best in its market.

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