Client Name: Janya Fertility & Gyne Clinic

Industry: Healthcare

Requirement: Digital Marketing



  • Manage the extremely high page load speed and reduce the bounce rate on the website.
  • Justify the IVF fertility center business objective by targeting infertile women and couples with sensitive keywords.
  • The existing website content was inadequate and did not match the company’s goals and vision to raise awareness of infertility and break the taboo on IVF treatment.
  • Keywords can compromise brand image as they can lead to negative publicity.
  • Is confronted with a strongly negative brand image for all of the above reasons


Our Approach:

  • Our experienced website developers have improved the website to slow down the page loading speed and reduce the bounce rate on the website.
  • We expanded the business concept by specifically suggesting and suggesting new keywords that adhere to the topic of infertility and treated the case with complete sensitivity.
  • It also provided informative articles and blogs containing the same keywords to increase awareness of IVF treatments and increase engagement and traffic to the site.
  • Building the authenticity of the site by providing evidence along with the content as this also increases the audience’s interest in reading.
  • Through concise, responsive, and engaging content both on the website and through various blogs and articles, we managed to build a positive brand image for IVF Spring that supports them in its mission to reach more and more people about infertility.



  • There was a decrease in bounce rate due to informative content on the site via internal blogs.
  • We also saw an increase in the number of returning visitors to the site, as well as an almost 20% increase in traffic.
  • IVF Spring has been recognized as one of Mumbai’s best and most reputable infertility centers and hospitals.



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