Ministry Of Events is one of the largest boards committed to making every event a success. On the MOE website, visitors may arrange a wide range of activities in addition to making reservations for events.


MOE added their website to Google Search Console in 2015. In the first year, they concentrated on looking for crawling mistakes and resolving problems to make sure the website was properly running. Even though the assignment was straightforward, it nevertheless led to a 15% boost in organic traffic, and MOE believed that additional investment in SEO may lead to even greater results.


In order to move up the page for wider organic reach and rank better in search results, we carefully examined the website and carried out extensive keyword research and implement it.

In addition, we attempted to improve the site using numerous Google technologies. The Structured Data Testing Tool is used to examine URLs for errors in our structured data. Other tools, such as Mobile Friendly Test, Page Speed tes give us useful information for making changes and enhancing the user experience.


Over the course of the next few months, we saw the traffic continued to rise at a more dramatic speed. In the peak event season of the year, traffic doubled from the previous year. And the number of conversion also increased by 25%.