Client Name: Pride Realtors

Industry: Real Estate

Requirement: Web Design and Facebook Ads


The key aspects we discovered when the client sought us had to do with their dated Website and poor use of social media marketing strategies. The website did not follow branding requirements and did not accurately reflect their business objectives. Low conversion rates were a result of the website’s outdated design, which made it difficult for consumers to navigate with easily. Poor ranks on search engines was another effect of not following digital marketing standards. due to the lack of optimum usage of social media for ad campaigns, the client was not able to reach a wider audience.

Our Approach:

It was possible for our development team to create a stunning design that was tailored to attract a new audience and made it easier to find the major services provided by Pride Realtors. The site’s users greatly benefit from the ease with which the contents can now be found thanks to the  thoughtful construction and organisation. Regular content creation aids in enhancing and maintaining SEO rankings, which in turn helps to draw in new users and increase engagement. Facebook Ad creatives were also shared with the client and through various methods of testing, they were circulated on facebook to reach target audience and potential customers.


Our development team created a super attractive customized website which helped generate leads and boost conversion rates from the website. The use of key words and design changes also ensured better SEO Rankings on search engines.Facebook Ads helped reach a wider audience and increased quality leads

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