Client Name: Prime Propertyhyd

Industry: Real Estate

Requirement: Web Design and Facebook Ads


Upon being approached by the client we came to the consensus that their website was out-of-date and they weren’t using social media marketing tactics effectively. The website did not effectively portray their corporate goals. The website’s antiquated design made it challenging for users to quickly navigate, which led to low conversion rates. Not adhering to digital marketing rules also has the effect of lower search engine rankings. The customer was unable to reach a larger audience as a result of the underuse of social media for ad campaigns.

Our Approach:

Our development team was able to produce a revamped website design that was intended to draw in a new clientele and made it simpler to locate Pride Realtors’ key offerings. The ease with which the contents can now be found thanks to the smart structure and organisation benefits the site’s users considerably. Regular content production helps to improve and maintain SEO rankings, which in turn aids in bringing in more users and boosting engagement. In order to reach the target audience and potential clients, Facebook Ad creatives were also shared with the client and tested using several ways. facebook Ads for target audiencess also helpes increase quality leads.


Our website development team built a highly appealing, unique website that increased website conversion rates and helped generate better quality leads. Better SEO Rankings on search engines were also made possible by the use of key words and design modifications. Facebook ads generated quality leads and helped reach a larger audience.